Looking down and calmly sipping your drink over the colorful lights and cheerful noise


We love this place. Even if it has changed its appearance over the years, we think that the art district under the hills is one of the most attractive places in Bulgaria and it is no coincidence that there is a constant influx of tourists who marvel at its atmosphere and colorful surroundings.

We have written countless articles about its bars and restaurants, about hidden spots, secrets and stories, but we haven’t told you about several nice balconies where you can have your drink or eat a delicious meal, looking at Kapana from above.

Bally Club

Bally Club is an establishment known to several generations of Plovdiv residents. Even before Kapana became so popular as the entertainment destination under the hills, the building above the urinals was an arena for some of the biggest parties and many watched the sunrise  in the city center after a great guest DJ. It opens onto the only large balcony in the district, which has a view of all three of its sides – Dzhumaya Mosque, Zhelezarska and Abadzhiyska streets. A real treat for all aylyaks who, can feel in the center of  events as they watch them undisturbed from above.


A small fairytale-like balcony for unforgettable intimate evenings. The place where you and your loved one can be alone above the heart of Kapana - Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street. Here it is always the center of events, but at least two people have the opportunity to "escape" from the crowd and enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars in the creative district.

Maison Blu

We told you about it in one of our last texts about the season’s new places of the district, so today we invite you to try out its cute balcony. It offers beautiful views over the lights in Kapana and is the perfect spot for Instagram photo shoots.

Old Plovdiv

Old Plovdiv Restaurant is not located exactly on the typical tourist streets in Kapana and is often overlooked, even by locals. One of the oldest places in the district, with a rather pleasant covered terrace and a varied lunch menu at good prices.


The café-bar is one of the older establishments in the district and has its own specific atmosphere and vibe. Its balcony is located at the back and overlooks the Hali Shopping Center and its beautiful walls painted by Nasimo.