Get ready for a next-level experience


Bally Club is a place known to several generations of Plovdiv residents. Even before Kapana became so popular as the entertainment destination under the hills, the building above the urinals was an arena for some of the biggest parties and many stayed until dawn in the city center after another great visit by a famous DJ. In the space, a little larger than a living room, you often couldn't even throw a needle, and the party was often carried directly to the large terrace, which overlooks the entire Kapana district.

Today, on the eve of its 24th birthday, Bally Club welcomes party people wanting to have a good time in a club atmosphere with a completely renovated and refreshed space. Perhaps the first thing that will impress you when you step on the threshold is the removed wall, which used to divide the place into two halls. The "Berlin Wall of Bally", as it was jokingly called by the staff, is no more, and this opens up even more space for dancing and entertainment.

Along the walls, there are comfortable sofas with high tables, and on one side - a long bar. On three sides, the windows to the only large terrace in Kapana can be opened, so in the summer months you are guaranteed to be under the shade and have a nice time even in the late afternoon for coffee or refreshing lemonade. In the open space you can even choose your view - to Zhelezarska Street, directly to the Mosque and the square, or to Konstantin Stoilov Street. A real treat for all aylyaks who can feel directly in the center of events undisturbed from above. In front, in the quiet cobbled street, there are tables for serving outdoors, and during the warm months the weekend parties start from there, and after 11 pm are moved upstairs.

Of course, Bally Club is certainly not just a place for evening events, but from the afternoon you can take advantage of the chill atmosphere and relax after work. When there are sporting events, be sure that here you can follow everything exciting in the company of other fans, without having to put up with the indignant looks of your partner, because you ignore her once again because of the epic goal on the screen. Hookahs will be available again soon, so you can immerse yourself even more in the aylyak under the hills.

Bally's birthday weekend is coming soon, so get ready for a next level experience and don't forget to stop by and enjoy the renewed atmosphere and the traditional parties, where dancing and fun without poses are an absolute must!