The birthday bar will treat us with a cake, presents and will announce Happy Hour for the whole year


In moments when restaurants change their concept and place every few months, staying on the crest of the wave for more than 20 years is a real achievement.

Bally Club will celebrate its 23rd birthday in just a week, and the party there really hasn't stopped, except for a month and a half of forced isolation due to the coronavirus. The cult place is well known to fans of electronic music and is one of the first to open along the techno hysteria and the visit of popular DJs.

It's also like those hidden places abroad, where a local must take you or show it to you. It is located right in the city center and in the popular Kapana district, but it is somehow far from all the hustle and bustle. An old house, a small door and a spiral staircase upstairs, so that after a few steps you can find yourself in the atmosphere of a real party with dozens of people dancing with drinks in hand.

For their birthday, the bar has prepared a real party weekend for us. On Friday night (19.06) behind the decks will stand DJ TODD, Skill & Philip, who are well-known DJ names of fans in the city under the hills. They have prepared for the party people an explosive compilation of DISCO, FUNK, R&B, Hip Hop rhythms and a massive underground sound.

The next day (20.06, Saturday) the music will be selected by IVO, NINO & PERIL - three talented DJs with a modern view of electronic sound, who will present their dynamic, inspiring and festive DJ set with current and modern club hits.

Get ready for an unforgettable night, because both evenings the party will be at its maximum, and the time from 7 pm to 10 pm will be Happy Hour. For every cocktail or glass of vodka and whiskey you buy, you get another drink as an additional birthday present, because the bar has always valued its customers, with whom even an ordinary weekday becomes a holiday.

The offer is valid every day as a gift to visitors, because as they say from the bar: “Every day is a happy day!”

Everyone is invited!