The bar surprises us with a new fresh menu compliant with the latest trends in craft cocktails and with the promise of very hot summer evenings


Even if for some of us the sea and the vacation may be still far away, don’t be quick to think that the mood and good emotions will come only with the holidays. Summer is already in Kapana and no - we don’t mean this only because of the higher temperatures in recent days.

Anyway Social Bar is now a favorite place for all fans of cocktails with their own recipes, inspired by the desire to combine modern flavors with mostly natural products, processed by the staff themselves. Their bartenders, like true virtuosos, boldly experiment with a variety of ingredients and we can safely say that with the new menu they have managed to get closer to the freshness and rich taste of the warm season, when all the sensations are at their maximum. Behind it is the main bartender - Peter and we were even told that there are three drinks that have stood out as total bestsellers.

That’s Amore, as its name suggests, is true love in a glass. Love for the sweetness of life and the pink side of our everyday lives. Pink gin, cherry liqueur, sugar syrup and lemon juice are the basis of one of the most popular drinks, especially among ladies, and “guilty” for its photogenic look is also the summer exotic foam. You can't miss the Instagram shot when you have That's Amore in hand.

Nice to meet you is an obligatory line when you start a conversation with someone you like, so we are not surprised that the original interpretation of this name is a nice mix of skinos, fresh strawberries, strawberry and mint tea and tatratea! Just as after the initial stiffness and finding common ground, the dialogue suddenly starts, so here we guarantee that after the first glass you will need at least one more.

And for all those who are in a hurry not to miss anything of the emotion of the coming days, we suggest you choose Never Too Late. Vodka, lime juice, grapefruit, soda and caramel syrup are a guarantee that you will immediately be transported to the whirlwind of any summer party. And as the real bohemians will confirm - the party never stops and it's never too late to join!

The bar revealed that in addition to the regular menu and seasonal offers, every two weeks we will have a newer limited addition to the menu, which will take us to the beach, although in the atmosphere of the big city. So don’t regret at all that the vacation is far away, because there’s no reason why we should have a good time only when we are on holiday. Arrange a date with a favorite friend tonight and find your new and fresh drink for the summer!