The story of the first private bookstore in Bulgaria after November 10th


The house that houses the antique bookstore Sofia - T is well known to our readers today. In one of our previous texts, we revealed the secrets around its first purpose as a pub and a place to hide during turbulent partisan times.

The building also served as a movie decor in 1995, starring OrnellaMuti, who literally fell in love with the building. There was already a bookstore at the time, but for the purposes of the film, it was closed for two days so that the crew could recreate the atmosphere of a sidewalk café.

Almost 30 years ago, the current owner Sofia purchased the premises and with the help of the best restorers of Revival furniture, the lady made the former pub a home of rare copies of different kinds of literature. We can safely claim that it manages to create a true book paradise for lovers of valuable books, classical music albums and old stories. It opened its doors in 1991 and the furnishings are completely in the spirit of Kapana - a combination of wood and marble. She chose the bookstore to bear her name - Sofia, which means wisdom, and added the letter T from her family name to avoid confusion with the capital's name. She has worked for many years in the field of book publishing, and her interest in reading is inherited from her mother, who was also engaged in the book business. They had a rich library in their home, from which she still keeps books and wouldn’t sell them in the bookstore.

Sofia T is still one of those places that determine the appearance of Kapana and preserve the spirit of the creative district, the smell of centuries-old wood, stone, the sense of bohemia, culture and history. Its atmosphere doesn’t remain unappreciated by foreigners. In addition to the books, icons of a Sofia theologian master can be found in the incredible location, which are only offered here in Plovdiv.

The most ancient book in Sofia T. is church-themed and is dated around the middle of the sixteenth century. Often, visitors want works that are not currently available, but the owner works a lot with orders. She herself prefers the texts of the old Bulgarian authors such as Elin Pelin and YordanYovkov. She is happy that many young people come to her who know what they are looking for.

In 2015, the place won the prestigious book publishing award by Hristo G. Danov, as well as top positions in the online ranking of My Favorite Bookstore. Many Plovdiv residents have certainly visited the cozy space more than once, and as you approach the threshold, you are immersed in the world of stories, and if you haven’t, we advise you to take the time and explore the hidden treasures that every inch of the place hides. .