The nightlife in Plovdiv offers a really great variety

We aren’t going to talk to you about the places that popularize the notorious Bulgarian chalga music, but the places which have stood the test of time and where people of different generations have gathered with one common passion – music. Here are the most symbolic bars for Plovdiv’s nightlife.

1.      Nylon

A bar that will never die! We grew up there from teenagers till now. The owner with the cool nickname The Chief somehow manages to keep the place not just alive but thriving. The disgruntled often describe The Nylon as a dump and a haunt for old heavy metal fans but whatever they say, this is where its beauty lies – it is modest, relaxed, with a clientele of all ages, whom you may not know personally but nevertheless have some fun with.

2.       No sense

Another timeless bar. No matter how much time passes The Sense, as it is shortly called, is always there elevated stoically as a monolith. After the renovation, as well as before it, the “disco” continues to be one of the most visited places and favourite to locals and lately sports fans.

3.       Rorshach’s inkblot

The inkblot is always there. It keeps surprising us, it keeps attract us like magnet. Two floors, two sections in compatible unity. Rorshach has been the reference standard for years. Whatever they attempt to do, they do it well. A concert, game night, stand-up comedy or just casual music, you can’t miss it and you can’t remain indifferent to the myriad opportunities there.

4.       Fargo

The bar which is located in a close proximity to Tsar Simeon’s Garden is a place where it is impossible not to have a good time. It is thematically connected with the film industry and hosts a variety of events and quiz-nights and is a preferred party place for Friday and Saturday evenings. Fargo rose as a cocktail bar where you can try both well-known classics and one of the bartenders’ tempting recipes.

5.       Polinero

When we speak of rock and roll, the first name that comes to mind is Polinero. Quite distant from the city centre, in Izgrev district, the club is a style-breaker. Its capacity allows for more spectacular concerts and the organizers have more than once proven themselves as giants when we talk about festivals and events.

6.       Cat and Mouse

The heart of the Kapana district! The atmosphere in the charmingly named club is more that hospitable, genial and benevolent. The amazing assortment of beers that can’t be found anywhere else makes The Cat a leader in the branch. This is probably the most popular bar for its age, especially if you take in mind the myriad of words written about it in Bulgarian and foreign publications for architecture. The place was the first of the “new wave” in the creative district and set the bar very high with its interior – courtesy of studio “8 ½”. Whether you seek a quiet conversation or a rager, this bar can offer you both.

7.       Bee bop cafe

Bee Bop is a relatively new café but it quickly entered the league of “the big” and took its honourable place there. If you want to please your ear with jazz or swing, to attend a tribute or to take part in a quiz competition, this is the right choice.

8.       Vintage house

One of the few places in Plovdiv which focuses entirely on jazz. This establishment is designed with style and class, offers excellent food and good service. In addition there is a small stage where concerts are often held and this makes Vintage something more than a pleasant alternative for a good time.

9.       U.P.A.R.K. Gallery

The only gallery in Plovdiv where you can have a drink, dance or enjoy a live performance. An abstract mixture of nightlife and culture which not only seems to work but attracts more and more people. The gallery is small but cosy and full of art.

10.   Void

The club is relatively new. Its programme is full of various entertainers and live performances which fill up the place located in Kapana creative district. If there is a party there it is always cool.

Honorable mentions: There are a few other places apart from the already listed that deserve admirations for their interior and events:

BASQUIAT Wine & Art, Fabric, Club Bibliotekata, Move club, Download, Marmalad, Club W, Plazma, SoundTrap!