Kristijan Azirovic Orchestra is a guarantee for a real musical party, and FRIK&S Brewery is the latest place for epic events and fun under the hills


There is something magical and sacred about Serbian music. As they say - delight for the soul and happiness for the heart. And what better promise for an unforgettable welcome to the New Year than a whole evening of musical rhythms and cheerful people around you!?

FRIK&S Brewery is the venue and Kristijan Azirovic Orchestra are our offer for an epic party this December 31st. They are two-time winners of the GUCHA festival. This is the largest Balkan folk wind music festival, featuring more than 160 musicians who survived eliminations between almost 2,000 trumpet and wind instrument lovers. All this happens in front of an audience that exceeds 600,000 people, and a number of connoisseurs compare the experience even to world-famous events such as Glastonbury, Reading, Burning Man or Coachella.

The style in which the musicians perform is Balkan and bohemian, just right for Plovdiv, and the offer for New Year's Eve also includes:

- A delicatessen platter of cheeses and cured meats, fruit, honey and nuts
- Foie gras terrine, sweet corn muffin canapé, homemade fig jam
- Greek salad with fresh salted cheese, unfiltered olive oil, oregano, crostini
- Olivier salad to share throughout the evening
- Homemade porchetta, sweet wine sauce, roasted potatoes with herbs, glazed grilled carrots
- Strawberry Chocolate Stout Cake
- Banitsa with fortunes
- Champagne

And as for FRIK&S Brewery, we guarantee you’ll read and hear a lot more. It opened its doors literally two months ago, on the site of the oldest brewery in the Kamenitza district, and brought to life the iconic chimney that everyone notices from afar and where craft beer is now produced and weekly events take place.

The initiative was undertaken by the team of one of the most iconic places in the capital - Maimunarnika. Their goal is to make it part of the cultural map and calendar of Plovdiv, to offer residents and guests of the city under the hills a unique experience, filled with thematic events and good local beer and food.

At FRIK&S, you'll find three essentials – craft beer straight from the vat, craft food prepared on the spot, and live craft music. On weekdays you can enjoy daily lunch menus and their acoustic evenings are a real treat for the ears and definitely worth swapping the central Plovdiv locations for something different.

FRIK&S Brewery is definitely not a place you can miss. Not only the team and their approach to the Plovdiv public, but also the mastery of the chefs and the variety of craft beer - are a promise to all of us that they are here to stay and fill the cultural life under the hills with even more value!