This type of organization offers many advantages and an environment filled with hardworking and dedicated professionals from all industries


A coworking space is the ideal alternative to working from home or in your own office. This type of organization offers many advantages and an environment filled with hardworking and dedicated professionals from all industries. The decision to work together in a room with strangers may seem scary at first, but it has its undeniable advantages. Here are our 7 reasons why you should try to complete your tasks  in a coworking space today:

Cost efficiency

Renting a private office is often associated with a fairly high price per square meter. You must include the cost of cleaning, Internet, electricity and heating. On the other hand, using a workplace in a coworking space is not only affordable, but also offers flexibility that helps your business grow. The monthly usage fee starts from BGN 168 per month and includes a number of advantages that you won’t find in a traditional office. You can also choose a plan on a daily or weekly basis, which is convenient when you are just looking for variety.

Work flexibility

Let's assume that today you want to work indoors, and tomorrow in the open and to be among people and in the artistic atmosphere of Kapana, for example! At Cat and Mouse Coworking in Plovdiv you can fully enjoy the flexibility and the choice. As a professional, you decide when and where to work depending on the tasks you have to perform. You are only one step away from the hectic social life and the pleasant liveliness in the central parts of the city. And when you don’t have the opportunity to indulge in entertainment - just close the door and sink into the privacy of the office space.

More sense of community, less feeling of loneliness

Working from home sometimes creates a feeling of isolation. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, put an end to this sense of disconnection because you work with other colleagues in a whole room, and although it may be full, you choose when and how to communicate with other members.

Networking opportunities

Having a shared space and creating a sense of community is another reason for people to choose a coworking environment. It allows you to surround yourself with purposeful professionals with high achievements, and this is a prerequisite for endless networking opportunities. You never know who you’ll meet to help you move your business forward. We often make long-term acquaintances, which later grow into future business partnerships.

Increase in productivity

Everyone loves their sleep, so it can be a real challenge to get out of bed on some mornings. And when the desk at home is just at your fingertips, it's no wonder that you're sometimes tempted to procrastinate. The social atmosphere of the coworking environment has been proven to encourage you not to leave your work for tomorrow and can increase productivity by reducing distractions at home. Surrounding with professionals and active people is also quite a motivation on a daily basis!

Central location

Located in the heart of the creative district, Cat and Mouse Coworking is quickly accessible from anywhere in the city. Literally a step away from it you have a variety of opportunities for transport, restaurants and shopping. It's easy to navigate and rest assured that customers will always find you.

Additional benefits of working at Cat and Mouse Cowokirng

Coworking spaces not only provide a place to work, but also offer a number of additional benefits. With us they include:

• Free water and coffee in unlimited quantities

• Ultra-high speed wireless internet access and support

• Free use of copiers

• Unique opportunity for socialization in the bar and for building a network of contacts and acquaintances

Working in a coworking space, you surround yourself with motivated and enthusiastic professionals like yourself. You have the opportunity to communicate, enjoy all the amenities and work the way you live. This increases the motivation and passion with which you start each working day, and can inevitably lead to higher results and endless opportunities for business growth.