Espresso, short or long coffee, instant coffee, cappuccino, late or anything else – million people wake everyday with the aromatic drink


The article is updated in September 2020

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on earth not only because its restorative effect, but also because its wonderful taste and aroma. Espresso, short or long coffee, instant coffee, cappuccino, late or anything else – million people wake everyday with the aromatic drink. 
This time the best Plovdiv guide recommends you 6 places where you can taste delicious and fragrant coffee drinks:

1. Dolce Fellini – The undisputed favorite! The history of the Trucillo brand is more than 50 years old, and the team is an official importer and full of passion and enthusiasm not only to offer high-quality coffee but also to popularize Italian coffee-espresso culture in Bulgaria. Fragrant coffee in a comfortable atmosphere and superb deserts – a place you shouldn’t pass!


2. . Dwell Coffee House – tucked away in one of the intersections of the Roman Stadium, Dwell Coffee House is like a jewel for all connoisseurs of caffeinated beverages. They serve you coffee, you close your eyes and drink blissfully. They use Chucky’s freshly roasted coffee, an interesting fact is that a cup of sugar-free coffee has exactly 0 calories and about 300 antioxidants, so it may turn out to be a must in moderation.


3.  Cat and mouse – although this is the best beer bar in the town the coffee there is high level. The owners say that they also have a passion for coffee. That’s why they keep a close eye for the quality of the drink in their place. They recommend standard short espresso. 

4. Artnewscafe – The popular café is situated on “Otetz Paisii”st. It will charm you with high quality and aromatic coffee and with artistic atmosphere. It’s cozy, with a charm of its own. It is a place you will most probably fall in love with.

5. . We can’t miss the cute pastry shop 5 o’clock, where in addition to delicious temptations, you must order a cup of large cappuccino with selected varieties of Dabov. The rich foam and dense taste are perfect for the home-made cakes and pastries. We highly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs and cake lovers.

6.  THE FAMILY Coffee Roasters offer their customers a real explosion of flavors - gathered in the perfect cup of coffee. They want to dispel the myth that coffee is bitter and seek to highlight the individual qualities of each variety. They offer a selection of high-quality arabica, the origin of which can be traced from the location of the farm, the way it was grown, the degree of ripening and the period of harvest, until it arrives to them, where they examine the grains and masterfully roast them.

7. In Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy, a cup of coffee will turn from a simple morning ritual into an amazing experience. The café is the only one in the city and one of the four in the country that work according to the program and standard of the popular brand ILLY, and are holders of the prestigious title "Masters of Taste". In the café you can try different blends, and one of our favorites is a combination of coffee beans from 9 countries, including Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and India, but the other three are a secret. You can try the taste coming from Ethiopia and 100% Arabica, which has the same qualities as those in prestigious cafeterias around the world.