Today Mall Plovdiv tempts all the representatives of the gentler half of humanity with 5 opportunities for sinning at the shopping center


The most feminine month, often filled with weather whims and alternating sunny days with winter storms, but also the time when ladies are allowed everything for at least one day . Because when it is seldom, sin is forgiven! Even though March 8 is over, we urge you to turn your self-care into a ritual, and always find some time to spend on self-improvement, beautification, or sweet encounters with friends.

Today Mall Plovdiv tempts all the representatives of the gentler half of humanity with 5 opportunities for sinning at the shopping center.

We start with some beauty treatments because it’s always the right time for makeup and manicure. The best thing about Mall Plovdiv is that you can indulge in a little time for yourself, leaving yourself in the hands of the manicurists from the booth on the first floor, as well as find the brightest color nail polish in case you do your nails yourself at home. This year's undeniable hit is the bright coral nail polish, and the approaching sunny days are best suited to leave the grim autumn-winter tones behind.

The choice of makeup is also not particularly difficult, especially when there’s a huge shop in which to lose yourself among the thousands of stalls. That's why we made a quick selection of two of the makeup products most preferred by the ladies. With DOUGLAS Smart Shine Lips, your lips will remain hydrated for hours, with a dazzling brilliant finish thanks to its formula. You can choose from a total of 15 irresistible shades.

No machiage is complete without curved and elongated lashes. For all admirers of the dramatic look, there is already a whole ritual in three steps to achieve it. Base, mascara, and top mascara are part of DOUGLAS SENSATION'EYES MASCARA ROUTINE. First, with the base, you give instantaneous density to your lashes and at the same time stimulate their growth: after 30 days of use, your eyelashes will be thicker and longer! Then you put the mascara with an intense black color that not only covers the white base but also creates an extraordinary volume. We finish with a top mascara, the function of which is through the additional fibers on the brush to make the effect even more amazing and saturated.

After the face and nails, it's time to take care of the hair, and there's nothing easier than having an IsoHair hair-strengthener. Whether you are looking for a perfectly straight length or voluminous curls, on the ground floor, there is a booth where polite consultants will recommend the most suitable product for you.

We end our tempting virtual walk through the mall with a sweet temptation, which ladies can hardly resist. The latest cake in Dolce Fellini Mango mousse is a combination of white chocolate and mango with caramel crispy plates and mirror icing. However, after an exhausting shopping, calories shouldn’t be counted, right?

And what is the thing you can’t resist?