Even in the conditions of social distance, reduced capacity and obligatory wearing of masks, mark the dates in your calendars and let's hope for the best together!


After a difficult year like the one we just experienced, the beginning of 2021 gives us all a glimmer of hope for calmer days. And although we have not yet taken over the coronavirus, which continues to rage in full force around the world, there are some really interesting things to look forward to in the coming months. Even in the conditions of social distance, reduced capacity and obligatory wearing of masks, mark the dates in your calendars and let's hope for the best together!

The opening of restaurants, even just for serving outside

Of course, the numerous tables in Kapana and on the Main Street have always been an important part of the appearance of Plovdiv, but in 2020 they acquired a new meaning. Everyone who could, took out the seats outside as allowed, and interesting outdoor bars appeared in some places. Although the vaccine is expected to be more widely available and cities are beginning to emerge from the state of perpetual restrictions and lockdowns, we are convinced that this year, outdoor entertainment will be preferred by locals and tourists.

The opening of the Episcopal Basilica

One of the most impressive archeological sites in Bulgaria deserves its glamorous opening and we sincerely hope that this will happen in 2021. Much more than just a building above the mosaics - this is what the designers promise for the museum, which includes a variety of modern installations, clearly stating its place in the 21st century. In the middle of the Basilica, glasses will be placed, through which everyone will be able to restore, looking through them, the supposed true appearance of the building. On the second floor, which is much more interactive, on the screen, each visitor will be able to choose a bird existing in front of them on a mosaic and learn more about it - whether it is still there today, what it looks like, where it lives, etc. Through another modern screen, the birds will come to life and the viewer will be able to touch and play with the living birds.

Hills of Rock

Last year, the impressive event was postponed due to the pandemic, so this year everyone is impatient and anxiously awaiting the cherished date. According to press releases from the organizers, Hills of Rock will return to Plovdiv on July 22, 23 and 24. The headliners on the first day of the festival will be the Americans from SLIPKNOT, and on the second - the metal band AMON AMARTH. In addition to the two main groups, 32 other bands have so far confirmed their participation in the festival in 2021 - Rise of the Northstar, Bury Tomorrow, Dagoba, 40 Days Later, Dark Sky Choir, Fallcie, Nervosa, D2, Klogr, Power Crue, Hangarvain, 5Rand, Ravenface, The Modern Age Slavery, District 13, Basska, Hellion Stone, Jeremy?, Baildsa, Homevox, Ogi 23, Milena & Band, Pizza, Scroletics, Sin Seeks, Jin Monic, Siluet, Kerana & Kosmonavtite, Severozapadnyatsite, Dead Man’s Hat, Boomerang & Artificial Comet. The next good news is that all tickets purchased for the 2020 edition will be valid without revalidation or need for additional action for the new dates in 2021.

Wrong Fest

Wrong Fest Plovdiv is a Bulgarian alternative music festival. In 2021 the forum will be held on July 2 and 3 at the Rowing Channel in Plovdiv, and as an accompanying program there will be a rich club alternative list. Wrong Events is the organization behind Wrong Fest, which presents authentic and interesting artists from around the world. The aim of the festival is to become a medium-sized, easily accessible, two-day forum where the audience can meet a number of world-famous performers, for whom there has been no suitable festival in the Balkans in terms of size and concept. So far, Wrong Events has realized 7 editions of the Wrong Fest, with the participation of more than 150 groups from around the world and over 15,000 visitors. For the 2021 edition in Plovdiv, the organizers are partnering with the Plovdiv-based Metaart Foundation, which is also developing the Post Culture platform. The confirmed artists for 2021 are Dub FX - a world-famous "street improviser", invited to the biggest festivals in the world (such as Main Stage at Exit Fest 2019). Naxatras, Blanck Mass and Krekhaus, Gogol Bordello, Shortparis, Mother's Cake, Pistamashina and Spalni Mesta will also join.

Postponed concerts

The Spanish phenomenal violinist Ara Malikian, the Italian trio Il Volo, the national ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili - these are just a small part of the performers who due to the restrictions failed to present in front of Bulgarian audience. They all have new dates for 2021 and our hope is that after the winter the global situation will be much calmer and more favorable for attending all kinds of cultural and mass events, albeit with distance and masks, when needed!

And what event are you looking forward to in 2021?