...and we can't wait to get back


These are just some of the things we miss from the pre-covid era, and the rest you can add in the comments

From taking strange and different hobbies to preparing various gourmet recipes at home - we all certainly learned something in the almost two years of a pandemic and made an effort to get the best out of the bad situation. But there are a few things that just can't be reproduced at home and no, we're not just talking about carefree trips as far as our soul desires!

Festivals of all kinds

Here we were lucky that some of the planned events managed to happen, but we can’t help but give as an example one of the biggest festivals under the hills - Hills of Rock, which has been postponed for the second year due to the pandemic situation. We are also not talking about the failed gigs of a number of foreign bands, which due to restrictions or other reasons postpone or even cancel their visits.

Last minute decisions

Before the coronavirus, it was easy to book a last-minute weekend and go to a place in the world we’ve decided to visit. Now, however, it's all about a little more complicated preparations: valid green passes, PCR tests, sometimes even quarantine. The reality is that we are much more limited and we really can't wait to get our spontaneity back!

Intimate outings with family and friends

Do you remember the time when 20 people gathered at one table, and in the restaurants, we were back to back with the neighbor? Well, now this is bound by rules and restrictions and given the approaching winter season it is becoming increasingly difficult to get together with a large party. We agree that social distance is better than a total ban on contacts outside the home, but we also sincerely want to be able to have fun without thinking about possible lockdowns and smile without hiding behind masks.

Feeling secure

Did anyone just sneeze on the bus? Did I wash my hands thoroughly enough? Are we too close to one another? As much as we miss our social life, the comfort and sense of security we had is arguably the greatest loss we have suffered from the coronavirus.

Favorite places

Unfortunately, there are some places that could not withstand the reduced flow of people and slammed their doors forever. More often than not, this seems to be the case in the neighborhoods, and probably each of you can think of at least one business which closed recently. Of course, owners often change and something new will probably open, but we can take a few minutes to mourn our favorite pizza place two steps from home, for example!

And what do you miss?