The Plovdiv guide will guide you where to eat the crunchiest homemade chips in the city under the hills


Although not healthy at all, fries are one of many people's favorite foods. And for a reason - they are simple but terribly delicious and combine wonderfully with so many foods and drinks. What is important, however, is how they’re prepared and the fatty blanched potatoes simply aren’t worth the calories, given that so many places in Plovdiv already make superb homemade chips. If you decide to cheat on your diet or you are one of the people who adore this crunchy temptation, the Plovdiv guide will guide you where to eat the most delicious fries in the city under the hills.

Good beer goes with good fries and if you offer quality beer, there is no way your kitchen is not at the same high level. Or so they seem to think at Jagerhof, because their menu is full of delicious temptations, and while you won't go wrong with anything you order, don't miss their homemade chips. Crispy potato rings served with a mixture of aromatic spices. We only warn you that there is a risk of having too much.

If Trakia is a little far away and you are wondering where you can enjoy nice homemade chips at the Center, we have found two such places. One is the beloved bar Marmalade in the heart of Kapana. There, it is served sprinkled with dried oregano and the combination is more than perfect.

Don't miss Pozharnata, another place in the city center where you can enjoy a serving of homemade chips... or two. The place is unpretentious and predisposes to fun meetings with friends, and the fries are a real hit - crunchy and delicious, the perfect company of a cold beer.

Fans of the French fries in Yuzhen Polah will have a choice in several neighborhoods.Our favorite spot is the one at the foot of Bunardzhik, because the crispy chips are a great idea after a walk in the park. But you can always choose the location around Polygraphy or the Station. With them, the dish comes literally with a huge peak and is not a serving for a single person. Take a friend or a loved one and attack today. You can choose between options with dill and garlic, with cheese or without additives.

We have already mentioned our last suggestion in our article on Restaurants in Kuchuk Paris. If Rio was not an option then, it's time to find its location and visit it soon. The interior is not very but its kitchen is well worth it. Here too the homemade chips are a must and once you start, you'll quickly see the bottom of the plate.

Зимният сезон със сигурност предразполага за по-големи угощения, а за натрупаните килограми ще му мислим напролет. Домашният чипс този сезон е просто задължителен!

The winter season is certainly predisposing to bigger indulgences, and we’ll think about the gained kilograms in the spring. Homemade chips are simply a must!