To get to these places, you will need to comply only with the schedule of buses or trains


Our suggestions for a weekend trip today are for those of you who don’t have a personal car and often have difficulty in choosing a destination. To get to these places, you will need to comply only with the schedule of buses or trains. So when the next warmer weekend comes, prepare a light backpack for the road, check the time of departure from Plovdiv in advance and get ready to see something new and interesting around the city under the hills.

Belashtitsa and the forest with the ancient plane trees

To visit the village at the foot of the Rhodopes, you need to take a bus from the Rhodope bus station. The destination is extremely close and the courses are frequent, so you won’t have to wait long. Once you go down to the village you can just use your phone navigation and in 10 minutes it will take you on a paved and sloping path, or you can combine it with a visit to the Belashtinski Monastery, which is famous throughout Bulgaria for its healing spring. Its garden and yard are also well maintained and suitable for relaxation. The surroundings are also ideal for a picnic, so be sure to put a blanket and something to eat in your bag.

Zdravets hut

Also a very popular destination, which is filled with hundreds of tourists from the city and the surrounding area, especially on weekends. Even if you don't have a car, you can easily reach it again from the Rhodope bus station. The first bus leaves at 07:50 am from Plovdiv, and vice versa at 04:30 pm. For weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) you can even stay until 7 pm. The area around the hut and the eco-hotel is suitable for walks, picnics, but also functions as a ski area with modern wardrobe and ski school, recreation and spa center, base for hunting trips, horseback riding in the mountains, amusement park, football field, tennis court and a lot of other entertainment.

Voyvodinovo horse base

In case you are ready for horseback riding near the city, you can use line 15 of public transport or minibus 6 to get to Voyvodinovo. There is one of the largest horse bases in Bulgaria, which has 3 stables with spacious stalls for over 150 horses. You can take advantage of several sand and grass training grounds. Next to them is the largest racecourse in Bulgaria, where many competitions are held annually - from the Bulgarian calendar, international, Balkan championships. Very good conditions and maintained facilities make the base ideal for amateur and sports riding, and its natural location gives immediate access to the field and is ideal for walking and field riding. The classes are suitable for both beginners and children, as well as for advanced riders. Great idea for diversification and escape from the city without the need for your own transport.


The route Plovdiv-Asenovgrad-Plovdiv is one of the most preferred when the kids want to take a train for the first time. Fast, convenient and with a fairly regular schedule. There you can enjoy a walk around the Paleontological Museum, as well as just a coffee and a delicious cake in the notorious Niko confectionery. Yes, we now have Niko cakes and ice cream in Kapana, but we can't deny that it is a good reason for a trip out of town. Asenovgrad is also called the Little Jerusalem because of the numerous churches, monasteries and chapels that it houses in its vicinity, and from it start several eco-trails, suitable for a day trip. Just be sure to first check the timetables on the BDZ website or if you prefer a bus - South Bus Station is the starting and ending point of the courses.


Again from the South bus station there is a transport to the small town located on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora - Hisarya. The journey takes about an hour. Apart from being a spa center, the city is also known for its thousand-year history. It is perfect for both cultural and historical tourism and spa holidays. In the warmer months, you can use one of the hotel’s many swimming pools for sunbathing and tanning, and in cold weather, take advantage of the option to pay for a stay at their wellness centers for the day.

And where would you go? Tell us your routes in the comments.