Find out what is about to open in the city under the hills this year

We told you in a previous article about the places that opened in the past year and how some of them managed to quickly become a favorite place for Plovdiv residents and the guests of the city.

Since the digital guide of the city under the hills is always trying to outrun trends and novelties, we went deeper and today we are prepared with a list of what is yet to come. In the context of its preparation for the European Capital of Culture, 2019 Plovdiv is an attractive place to visit and several establishments have already made a clear request that they will appear on the culinary and club scene. And which are they, we’re going to reveal right away in the lines below:

The first restaurant opened its doors several weeks ago. Gastronome Eatery House is located on the famous Otets Paisii Street and makes a strong request to bring us back to the unique taste of homemade dishes. Here nostalgia for well-prepared and served food comes to life in our grandmother's recipes, served with attitude and leading us on a culinary journey back in time.

We are also in a frantic expectation to the opening of another place that isn’t quite new but changes its location. Veggic is planning to open doors right next to Pavaj. There, in the heart of the creative district, they will tempt us with vegan cuisine and promise some innovations that we can’t wait for. Their desserts are just divine, and the best thing is that through their food you get not only a perfect flavor but also energy and pleasure.

The complete opposite, namely for lovers of meat and burgers, it is the new place of Skaptobara. Familiar to the citizens of Sofia, the American-style restaurant offers a rich selection of beers and burgers in a cozy and unpretentious setting. Customer reviews are excellent, and - the food is delicious! Don’t you already want to see their menu and find out the date of the official opening?

Dolce Fellini will open another location and we think that for everyone in the Trakia neighborhood life will become a bit sweeter. The masters there are unsurpassed and tempt us with a variety of hundreds of delicacies that even people on a diet don’t manage to resist. And their ice cream ... we are happy that summer is coming soon!

New names also appear among bars. An old place will be reborn with a whole new concept and we are sure it will become an absolute hit. Poshtata is located right on the main square, in place of Apartment 101 and the location is not quite random. There, right in the square, it is an iconic meeting place in the city. It will open very soon, and its idea is to become a place that not only offers neat cocktails and nice coffee but also connects people.

We at the Lost in Plovdiv team can only advise you to always keep up with the novelties with us because we promise that we won’t miss out on anything and will try to inform you about everything that's worth it in our favorite city.