Let's capture the golden October and enjoy the colors of the city as long as possible


This week promises to be a real Indian summer and we urge everyone not to stay at home, but to take full advantage of the still long autumn days and warm sunshine. Even after working hours, it's nice to go for a walk outside, and for all those who love photos and poses, we have selected 5 photogenic places under the hills.

The pumpkin decoration next to Central Park

Even though in Bulgaria we are not such fans of the spooky night of Halloween, you can’t miss the interesting decoration around one of the establishments in Tsar Simeon's Garden. Quite thematic and you should definitely hurry before the pumpkins get replaced by elves and Christmas trees. There are so many natural materials around, such as leaves and chestnuts, with which you can complement your look for the photo shoot.

The lake with the fountains/Tsar-Simeon's garden

Here you can let your imagination run wild and choose the perfect angle for a photo yourself. Whether you’ll choose the reflections in the water or make a "rain" of leaves - everything is a decision of the model and the photographer. Other highlights include the Fish Pond and the Fountain of Demeter. The colors of the trees around make them even more vivid and memorable.

Kapana and the bright yellow ash tree

We've posted great shots of the creative district more than once, and we keep finding more and more interesting photo spots. And while it is already quite difficult to find a free area where you can relax, this corner is not so popular and with a little luck you’ll catch it completely empty.

Old Plovdiv

The houses there are so wrapped in vegetation that literally every colorful facade has at least a few more shades - from bright yellow to green to reddish-brown and all other tones of the autumn palette. Our suggestion is to experiment with the majestic staircase of the Art Gallery!

The colorful ivy next to the aqueducts of Bunardzhika

Another favorite place to walk on the hills. A great alternative to the Main Street and the Rowing Base at any time, as it's much quieter, and it's also surrounded by our favorite spots like Stenata Ice Cream House and Confectionary Shop and El Jefe Cuban Food and More. The exact location for photos is along the aqueducts, where the ivy seems to have been painted with the brush of a talented artist.