Interesting ideas for gifts and inspiring things in the most festive month of the year

The most festive month of the year, when the Christmas spirit is all over and the mood is all around us. There is no person who doesn't look forward to those few days in which we all seem to be getting better, more cheerful and find time for family, loved ones and some personal pleasures.

We start this series in December because it can serve as a perfect compass for everything you shouldn’t miss in Mall Plovdiv and which can be either for personal use or for a valuable gift.

The enormous balloon-reception on the ground floor of the mall surely has made an impression on you. This year it will become a vehicle for the white-bearded old man. "Christmas comes with a balloon" and from 10th to 28th December, shopping for 150lv within one day of the promotion period will give you the right to choose one of the gifts that have fallen out of Santa’s bag. And they are definitely worth it - both gift card for shops and chocolate temptations from the Gaillot chocolate factory.

And... when we talk about gifts, Mall Plovdiv has the perfect solution for everyone who doesn't know what to give - Gift Card One For mALL. The branded gift cards can be loaded with your desired amount and applied to all units in the shopping center, and there is no fee for issuing the plastic card in December. The stand is right next to the escalators on the ground floor, and you will never have to worry about choosing the desired thing.

Here's another idea: in Collective and District you can find the colorful socks of Happy Socks, whose function is not only to warm your fee but also to make them a real work of art. They have one mission: to make the daily accessory, a product that spreads happiness and colors. You can choose from classic designs like stripes and dots, or choose something bold and extravagant.

Hurry up and try the winter tastes in Dolce Fellini, which this Christmas is tempting us with a ginger latte and cocoa bean mochaccino. The perfect drink to share with a friend after a tiring and fruitful walk through the shops.

We end up with something not quite wintery, but should we wait for the right time for a real artisan ice cream? From the middle of last month, you can find some of Savini Gelato's tastes at the stand of Zeleniat kyt. The brand relies on a real natural ice cream - without readymade mixes, coloring and palm oil, with fresh fruit and chocolate of the highest class! They also prepare vegan options that do not yield to the milk ones in consistency and taste. So visitors have one more option when it comes to delicious and healthy food that not only delights us.