The team of the digital guide thought about the kids, too, and found some ideas that might seem interesting to them, and why not turn into a routine not just in the winter

With the beginning of the cold months and the unfavorable winter conditions, there is often a question of what should the younger ones do at home. And while in summer there is a huge selection of parks and entertainment for children in Plovdiv, the situation is not quite the same in winter. It is wet, often slushy and surely the indoor shopping centers are not the best option.

The team of the digital guide thought about the kids, too, and found some ideas that might seem interesting to them, and why not turn into a routine not just in the winter.

Yoga for children                                                                  

Yoga is an ancient doctrine and a whole philosophy of life. According to the interests of the practitioners, there are different currents, and with its extremely beneficial properties on the body, we think it is very suitable for children as well. Kamato is one of the places that offer yoga for children, and the activities are based on the natural challenges in front of the kids. They stimulate curiosity and activity in the child, make them act and learn. They contribute to strengthening and developing the child’s joints, bones, muscles, tendons, as well as the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems of the kid. Yoga is particularly beneficial for elementary and middle school students because this is the age when the basis of health is set. It helps children develop flexibility, good posture, and coordination. In addition to this, it increases the resistance to different illnesses and strengthens the body. Yoda is also a great way to relax.

And for more options, you can do an internet research and find what is most convenient for you as a location and as a way of presenting the activities.

Indoor sports - tennis, swimming, dancing

Winter is not a bad time to build a workout routine and to spend time doing sports. It is after a long day at school, in the kindergarten or at home that most children need to spend the energy they’ve accumulated so that they can then rest completely. We already have an article with indoor swimming pool suggestions, and in the text for the tennis courts, there are options where special training facilities are also provided during the unfavorable weather conditions.

In case your child has an interest in dancing, the choice in the city under the hills is not small at all. There are lessons at some schools and most dance studios also offer modern, latino and dancesport lessons for the youngest.

We continue in the artistic direction with our suggestion for musical activities

Divizi house for musical magic is like a paradise of art in the heart of the art district of Plovdiv. It offers interactive musical activities for children of various ages. Like a Musical pacifier for babies up to 1 year of age, and Musical Adventures and solfeggio groups for the older. Individual instrument lessons and the possibility of organizing a non-traditional and sound-filled birthday are also something fresh and different when it comes to how to entertain the child.

Art workshops and activities

Most of the suggestions for this type of activity are at bigger events, but some schools offer them all year round. Your child doesn‘t need to visit it regularly, but you can think of it as an option for when you want to try something new, usually on weekends. One of these schools is Girafche, whose activities are held in the Sila sports complex and in this way you can even combine your personal time for sport with a pleasant pastime for the kid. Every week there is a different topic on which to create, which makes the process even more creative and varied.

Coding for children

Children's programming clubs are something relatively innovative on the Bulgarian market, but we are glad that they are already gathering more and more young fans. The courses help children develop their logical and analytical thinking by studying the fundamentals of programming. This is a particularly necessary skill in the world of digitization and a way to channel their interest in technologies in a productive and creative way.

Smarty Kids Academy is the place whose purpose is to teach children how to make the world a better place using technology as a tool. Whichever area of development they later choose, the knowledge and skills of programming, entrepreneurship and financial literacy will give them a stable foundation and horizon to fulfill their dreams. There are frequent campaigns with free demo lessons, so if your child is between 9 and 12 years old, now is the time to spark their interest.

And how do you have fun indoors?