Even if you are not keen on this type of activity, certainly a little time among the blooming greenery and under the spring sun will do you good and will charge you for several days ahead


It is Sunday again and we assume that in every home the question of where to go to diversify and rest from the busy week is on the agenda. The only bilingual digital guide under the hills has already taken you to hundreds of places, but now we will offer you to indulge in horseback riding and take a break from all city activities for a moment. Because horseback riding (or ponyback riding for the little ones) is a great way to blend in with nature and escape from all the fuss for a few hours. Even if you are not keen on this type of activity, certainly a little time among the blooming greenery and under the spring sun will do you good and will charge you for several days ahead.

We start in a completely random order with Frigopan horse base in the village of Tsaratsovo. Only two kilometers from the city, the complex opened its doors in 2015 and today, in addition to amateur and professional riding, here you can enjoy international cuisine in the spacious restaurant at the hotel. The panoramic windows have a great view of the arenas (there are three open arenas and one closed arena in the base). On-site riding lessons and courses are available for children and adults from absolute beginners to advanced and even for competitors. And for those who just want a break from the hectic and stressful everyday life, we suggest you try a short, pleasant horseback ride in the fresh air and sun. For the months with good weather there is a wonderful garden, which becomes a great arena for all kinds of parties - from personal to corporate.

Another place of a similar type is the famous four-star complex Trakiec in the village of Zhitnitsa on the road to the town of Hissar. The equestrian center offers year-round riding training for children, tourists and amateurs. They have an open and closed arena so the weather conditions don’t matter. The hotel also has a relaxation area, massages, a children's playground and of course an excellent restaurant with a comfortable outdoor area. Weekends are often full of guests, so we recommend calling in advance to check if there’ll be free spots for riding.

Our third suggestion is in the direction of Asenovgrad. We recently wrote about the Wild City Ranch in our article on the waterfall, to which only swallows have access. From it starts the eco-trail to the water cascade, and the place itself is very suitable for relaxing, eating delicious home-cooked food and equestrian sports. They offer riding lessons for young and old with a coach, as well as hikes to famous and interesting sights in the area. They can vary from one-day to two-day hikes with full board and an overnight stay included according to the destinations chosen by the client. For the night there are specially themed villas. In Villa Rome you can immerse yourself in stylish Italy, and in Villa Africa you will find yourself in nature.

The last two options are much "wilder" and definitely not that refined. EZDUL horse base was established in 2007. It offers riding training, an amateur horseback ride through the surrounding green areas, as well as organized horseback riding, giving the opportunity for a unique experience. With them you can easily feel the wind, the smell of grass and the strong connection between human and nature. It is located near the town of Hissar, but has nothing to do with larger complexes, and is a completely hidden and secluded place. It is also suitable for a picnic.

Tara Horse Base is the last destination we visited. It is located in the village of Yagodovo near the extremely beautiful river valleys of the Chaya and Maritsa rivers. The proximity to them offers visitors an exotic ride along the shores, overgrown with beautiful lush vegetation. The huge meadows along the routes allow for organizing picnics. They have 20 horses of different ages and it is a perfect place for fans of peace and relaxation in nature.

And where will you go over the weekend?