The decision whether to settle in a nearby town or village is a personal one, but there are some undeniable advantages we’ll highlight today:


One of our previous articles about living outside the city sparked a heated discussion about whether this is the better option if you work in Plovdiv and your children go to school here. Depending on the flexibility of the work process and whether you have a car, opinions range from "it's the perfect solution" to "it's not worth the drive". Moving a few kilometers outside the big city, however, has some advantages that we can't help but note:

The lack of excessive building

You certainly won't have to look into your neighbor's bedroom or expect a multi-story building to pop up under your window at any moment to hide every ray of light. The distances between the properties are greater and the possibility of a yard is not to be neglected. It requires maintenance, but it is a corner where you can enjoy the silence and fresh air.


In the villages it is many times calmer than in the big city. There is no noise of cars or large machines from yet another construction site. Buses run rarely, railway stations are also not the most frequented places. In the morning you really hear the song of birds and crickets, no matter how clichéd it sounds. You can go everywhere by bike or on foot, and the idyll is complete.

No problems finding a parking space in the evening

For this purpose, you will either have a garage and a marked section in the yard, or else enough space in front of your property. Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasing problem in the big city. The fight is merciless and often ends with damage to the car.

Lower taxes and more places in childcare facilities and schools

Municipalities, in particular those around the city under the hills, have lower levies for motor vehicles, properties and garbage fees. This in case you change your address registration. Not to be overlooked is the fact that a large number of villages have nurseries and kindergartens where there is no problem with registrations and no need for ranking.

Cleaner air and temperature difference in summer

In recent years, Plovdiv has consistently topped the rankings for the level of pollution. Overpopulation, constant traffic jams, industry, the use of non-ecological heating alternatives are part of the causes of a number of allergies and diseases among residents. And while you can't quite escape it by living outside the city, you can at least buy yourself more time in a healthier environment and a more relaxed lifestyle.