We continue our culinary walk through the neighborhoods below the hills with our suggestions in the southernmost area

Küçük Paris emerged as a refugee quarter between the two wars and at first acquired a workers’ character. A long-standing symbol of Küçük Paris is the Lead Tower of the Shot Factory, built in 1927 by Ivan Neykov and the highest facility in Plovdiv in those times. The tower resembled the Paris Eiffel tower and was the only one on the Balkan Peninsula that produced lead shot balls in a natural drip. It was destroyed in 2002, but the neighborhood will remain popular with the city's inhabitants under the hills with the name Little Paris.

Today, according to data from the past year, its inhabitants are almost as much as those in the Central region and the district is still an attractive place for a number of settlers in Plovdiv. In addition to a number of residential complexes, small restaurants are also often found, but all of those we selected are places with a history. Don’t expect them to be as the Parisian restaurants but don’t write them off completely because they can surprise you with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious dishes.

Nestled in one corner of a parking lot, RIO is not a place to go if you don’t know exactly where it is. Not one and two have gotten lost in the streets, but we think the food is worth it even if you get a little lost in the beginning. The menu is a nice mix of fish specialties (same as the famous fish restaurant Ribarnika) and some traditional Bulgarian dishes. Their chips of fried potatoes are definitely worthwhile and loved by young and old. The summer garden is very suitable for larger companies and long summer evenings. The interior is much smaller, but that doesn’t change our mind that if you are in Küçük Paris, you shouldn’t miss RIO.

Rendezvous is a popular meeting place in the neighborhood, especially for families with children. There is a children's playground, which is a big convenience for everyone who wants to eat with their kids but also let them play or even make new friendships on the playground. In winter there are over 100 seats inside and it is a good option for lunch or dinner. The food is a mix of European and Bulgarian, so everyone will find something favorite on the menu.

Dahlia is a family restaurant on two floors, the second has a large terrace for sunny and warm days. The menu is varied and often there are seasonal offers. They cook deliciously and the prices are very acceptable. All meat lovers recommend their sach, so don‘t hesitate to try them out.

And which place would you recommend we test?