After a long stay in the water, or steps made in sightseeing, lunch is absolutely essential. Here are our restaurant recommendations to visit when you're in the area


The small picturesque town of Hisar is one of the places we always recommend in case you need an escape from the city of the hills. It is known for its 22 mineral springs with different physicochemical characteristics and temperature with proven healing qualities. As well as a spa center, the city is also visited for its millennial history. The favorable climate and mineral waters have attracted the people in these places from the deepest antiquity. And some of the must-see places are:

The Southern Fortress Wall and the Camels - The Southern Fortress Gate is the main gate of the Roman city of Diocletianopolis. From here, the road to Philippopolis (Plovdiv) was the most important administrative center in the Roman province of Thrace. The original gate rises to 13 meters in height. It is called the Camels because at the beginning of the twentieth century the door was divided and resembled two camels standing in front of each other.

The Roman Colonnade - Located in the very center of the city, next to the park with the fountain. It was built in 1960 as an exact copy of an ancient Roman colonnade. It is supplied with mineral water from the spring of Momina Salza. The eight ancient gods of health are depicted on the vault.

The Roman Baths - These are the most significant of the numerous archaeological monuments discovered and studied in Hisar. So far, four buildings have been known, but they were certainly more. The Roman Baths are located in the Momina Salsa Park, next to the mineral spring. They are one of the few known thermal baths in Europe. Remarkable here is that in some places they are kept almost to the roof.

Of course, in the summer, apart from the history, Hisar is also preferred because of the possibilities for resting in a large number of hotels and holiday resorts. Particularly during the weekends, the pools are full not only with holidaymakers but also with visitors who have decided to escape from the heat of the city and take advantage of the possibility of swimming and walking.

And after a long stay in the water, or steps made in sightseeing, lunch is absolutely essential. Here are our restaurant recommendations to visit when you're in the area:

National Restaurant is close to most of the major hotels and rest facilities in the city, near the building of the Municipality. It began its existence 20 years ago in order to offer its clients coziness and tranquility in the authentic atmosphere of the small town. Crossing the door of the restaurant, it’s as if you’re opening the long-closed doors of memories. Everything seems so familiar - like in the old house of unforgettable childhood. Delicious dishes from the Bulgarian and European cuisine and rich wine list are offered, and when you finish eating, you will be sent with interesting information about the town and the surrounding area. Prices are quite acceptable, and the summer garden is a splendor in the hot days.

A little further down from National is the other establishment we recommend. Provence is not in the French province, but especially outside, it immerses you in a real colorful paradise. We recommend the beans with boletus, but whatever you choose will surely be tasty and well prepared.

For all lovers of wild meat, Hunting Residence is a recommended stop. It was built in 1975 and combines modern comfort with Balkan coziness and atmosphere. It operates all year round and has its own park, restaurant, parking, playground and zoo with exotic birds. The dishes are an enticing combination of Bulgarian cuisine, barbecue offers, and meat. You must try the pheasant with rice and sauerkraut and the delicate dear.

You can combine the walk to Hisar with a visit to the Trakiec Equestrian Center or the Starosel tomb.