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We have a number of articles dedicated to local eateries and we are convinced that you have long since found your favorite dishes and rarely experiment with something new. On the other hand, especially during the weekend, it is worth leaving the Plovdiv sign behind and testing some surprisingly good places. You don’t need to wear your formal suit there, but be sure to make a reservation, because although not in the center of Kapana, they already have their fame and admirers not only from the city under the hills.

Positano 20, Brestnik

If you are convinced that you ate delicious meatballs in Plovdiv and a variety of mixed grill, then you haven’t tried the famous pub in the village of Brestnik. It can be found on Google navigation, so stop there next weekend to enjoy traditional Bulgarian dishes. Without gourmet pretensions and with completely different prices from the city, here, without exaggerating, the portions are gigantic. During the warm months it will be difficult to find places without reservations on weekends, because the restaurant has been quite popular among the people of Plovdiv in recent years. There is also a comfortable garden with activities for the little ones, and the dozens of positive reviews on social media are not fiction! Despite their proximity, they do not make deliveries, so a visit is absolutely necessary.

Samouk, Stoevo

According to experts, this is the best place for fried carp in the area, and we won’t argue. The food is home-cooked, and in addition to the fresh fish available, we also recommend kachamak and ice cream. Here too it is mandatory to make a reservation. It is located about 13 km from Asenovgrad and is a good stop if you visit the Arapovski Monastery nearby.

Solenoto Izvorche, Narechenski Bani

Our next suggestion is for all lovers of fried mekitsas and French toast from Grandma's recipes. The tavern is located on the road to Pamporovo and is a must stop for fans of Rhodope specialties. Kachamak with pork rind, patatnik, Rhodope sundae with jam and walnuts are just a few of the temptations that make us stop every time for something tasty. And that way we will arrive at the top well fed and ready to conquer the snow slopes!

And what is your discovery near Plovdiv?