Who are the faces behind the characters that delight young and old on the Main Street under the hills


Cover photo: Stanimir Petkov Photosmile

A few years ago, we shared an article with a photo gallery of the most impressive artists who chose to present their art outdoors in our city. Today we reveal to you some of the most recognizable characters and their stories:

The puppeteer in Tsar Simeon's garden

We know that his name is Yanko Gadelev and he is a former puppet theater actor. He is the person who always knows how to make dozens of small children stand for hours and watch with curiosity as the dolls come to life. Their happy smiles are his reward, and the lined up quiet kids - one of the most endearing sights in the park. In summer, you can most often spot him early in the morning or at dusk.

Mozart and his dog

Photo: Stanimir Petkov Photosmile

The most popular street musician on Main Street is undoubtedly Mozart with the dog. Georgi Dimitrov, as the artist's name is, graduated from the Music Academy under the hills and decided to permanently settle in the city. In Plovdiv, he puts on an 18th-century wig and an Amadeus Mozart-style costume and starts playing classical music in the streets with his dog, Terra. The two often gather connoisseurs of the genre and become a real attraction on the central street under the hills.

Christos the Chimney Sweep

Photo: Stanimir Petkov Photosmile

This rare profession most likely originated in Germany, although Denmark is considered the birthplace of chimney sweeps. The first building to have its chimneys cleaned was King Christian IV's castle in Copenhagen. According to folk beliefs, if you meet a chimney sweep during the holidays, “you won’t be able to get rid of good luck and happiness throughout the year, your pocket will be full of money and you will be healthy as a rock.”

Christos is a professional chimney sweep, having inherited the trade from his father. You will often see him walking down Main Street and the intersections of the Kapana district, proudly carrying his wire brush in hand and a towering black hat on his head.