Lavender, sunflowers and roses can become the perfect backdrop for your summer photoshoot


The most instagrammable place near Plovdiv was a big hit on social media some time ago. The abandoned Tsar Asen mine impresses us all with an almost alien landscape and extraordinary water color. But since we know most of you have already toured the area, we've rounded up 3 more locations that are perfect for photoshoots this summer.

Lavender World, near Hisar

An attraction from last year that became a hit online and attracted dozens of photographers and enthusiasts. It is located near Hisar, on the road between the village of Kaloyanovo and Duvanlii. It is owned by a young family who accept as their mission the development of Bulgarian tourism and the creation of an organic area near the town's mineral springs. With the obtained lavender flower, they prepare high-quality natural products, and before collecting it, they promote their activity through the decorations placed in the field. Keep in mind that the flowering doesn’t last long, and in the middle of July the fragrant flower is already being gathered. So be sure to grab the ethereal dresses, attractive accessories and create your own magical fairy tale in purple soon.

Damascena ethnographic complex, Skobelevo village

From the purple color of lavender, we directly transport you to the world of Bulgarian liquid gold. Rose oil is one of the most expensive and sought-after perfume essential oils on the international market, and the oil-bearing rose Damascena (Rosa Damascena), its processing methods and accompanying crafts have been declared part of the world's intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

We have described in detail our spring tour in the kingdom of roses in our country - Damascena ethnographic complex, and we think that this is one of the picturesque places around Plovdiv, where you can easily immerse yourself in the magic of roses. Opening hours during the warm months are until 7 p.m., and you can easily spend the whole Sunday afternoon inside, exploring the rosé factory, the ethnic corner and the shop, as well as relaxing in the restaurant with a glass of frappe and a rose in hand.

Sunflower fields, around Pazardzhik or Hisar

This is the must-have photo of the summer for everyone who loves to take pictures and share beautiful shots. According to photographers, it is important that your clothes do not merge with the yellow and green of the sunflower fields, and accessories are what can make the photo even more lively and expressive.

The best time to shoot is at the end of July and beginning of August, so you have time to choose the desired location.

When you decide to take a photo among lavender or sunflowers, it's a good idea to consider whether it's private land and, if possible, ask for permission. Indiscriminate trespassing among the plants can easily damage them, and the idea is to both preserve the plants and have beautiful photos for our experience album!