Some of the most impressive structures from which to gaze into the distance, all the way to Rila and Pirin, are located near Smolyan and Devin


The Rhodopes are one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria, where every step reveals an exciting view and a limitless horizon. Today, the team at the only bilingual guide under the hills, Lost in Plovdiv, will take you high above to reveal 3 mind-blowing panoramas and give you ideas for a trip during the remaining warm weekends.

Orlovo Oko

Orlovo Oko is a tourist observation site and a popular tourist attraction in the Western Rhodopes. It's probably the most popular of our three suggestions. It was built at an altitude of 1,563 m and is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. The construction is powerful and strong, designed to withstand up to 3 tons of load. It was built in 2009 by the Rhodopeia tourist association. From the facility, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Buinovo gorge, the hills of the Rhodopes and even Rila and Pirin. It is an indescribable feeling to stand on the edge of the platform and gaze into the distance, looking at the mountain almost from a bird's eye view. The site can be reached by a mountain path or by an all-terrain vehicle. If you choose to walk up there, you’ll need at least an hour and a half, but every step is worth it. There is a marked trail that starts from Mursal hut. The final destination is St. Ilia, on which the platform itself is built.

Valchi Kamak

Valchi Kamak is the highest panoramic platform on the Balkan Peninsula - 1,650 m above sea level. It is located just above the village of Gevren, Devin municipality. The road to the beginning of the route also passes by the picturesque Trigradsko gorge. If you climb the metal steps, the breathtaking Rhodopes, Rila, Pirin and even Orlovo Oko, which is located nearby, are revealed before your eyes. The observation deck itself was built with the labor and funds of the local Green Light tourist association. It consists of two facilities - one slightly lower and wooden, as if stuck between the branches of a tree, and another - metal and higher. Up to four people can board each of the two platforms. The fastest way to get up there is with an off-road jeep.

The Top

The newest panoramic site in the Rhodopes is located next to the village of Mogilitsa, Smolyan. It is 1351 meters above sea level and from it in clear weather you can see the Snezhanka tower, Karlak, Perelik, and at the bottom - Enihan baba, Mount Svoboda and the villages of Mogilitsa, Isyovtsi, Turyan, Milkovo. The walk to the panoramic site can be combined with a visit to the legendary Uhlovitsa cave, located just a few kilometers from Mogilitsa.

The structure is built on the edge of a rocky peak, and the relative height from the road that winds down into the low is 350 meters. The last meter and a half is made of glass, and those who dare to step on it can look straight down into the abyss.

The distance from the village to the site is 9 km. From the village, there is an option to book a jeep for an off-road adventure on the steep slopes of the marked forest road, and the other option is to climb up to the meadows in the town of Potoka on foot along the bike paths that start from Shirok Most. From there, the distance to the site is 1.5 km.