We take a walk through the small streets to discover the interesting concepts that opened in the spring of 2021


A real bustle was felt in the creative district, especially after the long holiday, and in front of each door there was a long queue of people wanting to try the tasty food that the numerous bars and restaurants offer to people of Plovdiv and guests of the city. We couldn’t help but notice several new and interesting concepts that make Kapana even more colorful and diverse.

Only three weeks ago something no less tempting appeared in the place of the Palloncino ice cream shop. The famous confectionery shop from Asenovgrad Niko already has its site in the center of Plovdiv, offering us countless of sweet delicacies. We start with the ice cream, from which we adore the red velvet and the option with cake pieces, and then we continue with the cream with mascarpone in a cup and the various candies and pastry. The perfect place to bring pleasure to the soul after eating lunch and dinner, or to have something sweet between meals.

If you are in the mood for something a little more exotic, be sure to try Bubble Tea. This is a popular Asian drink - a mix of tea, milk, sugar and black balls of tapioca. The concept originated in the 1970s in Taiwan. The original version is with black tea with milk and tapioca, but today it is available in many countries in a variety of flavors and combinations. This is literally tea that you drink and eat, so be sure to try it at their new location. We recommend the option with the matcha latte and strawberry, but we guarantee that whatever you choose you will try something interesting, which until recently was not known in the city under the hills.

The third new place that caught our attention is the Tables restaurant, offering the perfect combination of classic brunch recipes and drinks to complement the taste and take our culinary experience to another level. Toast with hummus, eggs Benedict, French toast with ice cream and jam - all this looks and is as delicious as it sounds when we say it. You don’t need to limit yourself to the hours between breakfast and lunch, because it is appropriate to sit here from morning to night!