We are once again leaving the central part of Plovdiv to reveal to you a few hidden places for coffee, food or just having a good time


Sometimes Kapana and Main Street are so crowded with people that you want to escape the crowd and go to a quiet and peaceful place. Somewhere where there is no need for reservations in advance and many pretensions.

The team at the only digital guide under the hills has discovered for you 3 places in the neighborhoods that we guarantee will enchant you and you won’t regret missing the walk through the center.

Dealicious Coffee and Food

At the very beginning of spring, in the month of April, a true gem opened its doors in the Southern region for all those who love good coffee and good food. Dealicious is so cute and cozy that we could certainly spend all our weekends there. From early in the morning, they tempt us with the most fragrant breakfasts, and then they completely enchant us with their brunch offerings and the excellent cappuccino that the baristas prepare for us. Every week they prepare a list with new weekend offers, and their eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes and toasts are not inferior to any menu from the central establishments.

Fish and Chips Laguna

We quickly move to the West region, where on Chernishevski Street there is an unpretentious-looking place, which, however, will satisfy all the demands of seafood lovers. Everything is prepared immediately; the prices are affordable and the staff is always smiling and kind. There are dozens of recommendations for it, and we think you won't regret it at all if you visit them when you're in the mood for something with fish and perfectly prepared.

La Dolce Vita

We end this short selection with the Northern region, where in Gagarin we have also found a place that is worth the walk. The residents of the neighborhood like it mostly because of the good food and the friendly service that has stood the test of time. The menu is extensive enough that there is something for everyone, and the desserts are what keep us coming back for more. A convenient parking lot is also available, so the situation with the difficult parking that happens in the central part of the city is eliminated here.