Last year, the team of Lost in Plovdiv, the only digital guide under the hills, took you through the impressive decoration on the Main Street, and this year we are heading to the old part of the city


Photos: Dimitra Lefterova

There, within the traditional Light and Hope in the Old Town forum, THE OLD TOWN IN FOUR SEASONS photo exhibition by our favorite Dimitra Lefterova was opened on 2nd December. We already have an article with some of her shots, but we advise you not to miss seeing them in large size and in the unique atmosphere of Old Plovdiv. The exposition is located in courtyards and streets: the house of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov (permanent exhibition of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev), Balabanova house, Hindlian house, Chohadzhieva house (management of the Old Plovdiv), on 4 Yanuari Street ”And the lapidarium. This is one of our ideas for unleashing the imagination and creating creative selfies against the backdrop of the most preferred season and location in the old town under the hills.

For everyone else who wants to have a Christmas-themed photo session, there are specially made corners in the yard of Hindlian House, Balabanova House and Zlatyu Boyadzhiev House. The decorations are seemingly simple, but bring an exceptional mood and as soon as the weather is nice and the light is beautiful, be sure to take advantage.

The festive corners will be available for photos until 30th December, and until the end of the month you can enjoy an exhibition of works by students from the classes of fine arts at St. St. Cyril and Methodius School (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the school), which opens on 16th December at 4 pm in Balabanova House. On 20th December from 5 pm in the Veren Stambolyan House, there will be a Christmas exhibition and a concert of students from AMTII Prof. Asen Diamandiev Plovdiv.

Another option for a Christmas photo shoot, but indoors, is to visit the Selfieshop in Mall Plovdiv, where there are 4 shooting sites and even a professional photographer on certain days and hours. You can enjoy it until the end of the month, so take advantage of the holidays that are to come and boldly seal the holiday month under the hills!