Today the team of the only digital guide under the hills has selected for you the 3 closest huts to the city to direct you to some favorite walking routes, regardless of the seasons


During periods when time in restaurants and cafes is limited due to the pandemic, one of the best ways to spend the weekend is to go to the mountains. The hikes in the fresh air are useful not only for moving around the workday monotony, but also have indisputable benefits for the body and the immune system. That's why today the team of the only digital guide under the hills has selected for you the 3 closest huts to the city to direct you to some favorite walking routes, regardless of the seasons.

Zdravets hut

This is probably the most popular destination among Plovdiv residents both in summer for coolness and in winter for fun in the snow. Many of us go up to the area of ​​the eco hotel, but the hut also has its fans. The idea for its construction came in 1936, when a decree of the Ministry said that every big city must have a recreation area. The story goes that a little boy chose the place for the construction, while a group from Plovdiv toured the area and looked for the flattest terrain, which has access to a water source. The building was ready in just 4-5 months and many enthusiasts and tourists were actively involved in the construction. It was consecrated in 1940 and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that since then, it has become everyone's favorite hut. It can be reached in half an hour on an asphalt road, which is maintained and cleaned well even in winter.

Rhodope partisans hut

Its new name is Academic and is located 4 km from the village of Hrabrino and 16 km from Plovdiv. The road starts from the end of the village and is relatively well maintained. In front of it there is a convenient parking lot for about 30 cars, and from the hut a beautiful view of the city of Plovdiv, the Thracian field and Sarnena Sredna Gora is revealed. The view of the city in the evening is especially impressive. Academic hut is a base after major repairs. The building is supplied with water and electricity, the heating is with local heating. It has a tourist kitchen and dining room. It is a massive three-story building with a capacity of 100 seats with multi-story bathrooms and toilets. Neighboring sites: Bryanovshtitsa hut - 1 hour and 30 minutes, Varhovruh hut - 4 hours. The paths are marked.

Chernatitsa hut

Chernatitsa hut, formerly Komsomolska, was built by the Ruen tourist association of Plovdiv with the assistance of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Technical Union in 1974. It is located at 1355 m above sea level among a spacious meadow, surrounded by a coniferous forest in the area of ​​Dalgata Niva. The hut is a modern three-story building with 80 beds, rooms with 2 and 4 beds. On each floor, there are rooms with private bathrooms and four rooms with shared bathroom, well-equipped restaurant, tourist canteen. It is electrified, supplied with water (constantly flowing hot water) and canalized. You can reach it by following the Zdravets hut and the chapel built next to the bus stop and continue on the main road upwards. Chernatitsa hut is suitable for visits in all seasons of the year due to the amenities it offers to amateur tourists and active vacationers. Next to the hut there is a monument on which a partisan oath is written.

Even if you don’t take advantage of the services offered by the buildings themselves, the area around the huts is usually well maintained and suitable for sledding, snowball fights, and during the warmer months - for picnics and outdoor sports.