The district looks like it feels

Once upon a time, there was a little neighborhood. Ordinary at first site but something unexplainable happened with everyone who set their foot in it. They felt the magic at the place so no one wanted to leave it. Their friends thought they were in a trap, but that wasn’t true – they were in “Kapana”.

More and more fairytale characters started occupy it. Some chose it for their workshops and art. Others began living in it. No matter the reason, “Kapana” captured them with its magic, and they transformed it into a colorful and a happy place.

It’s definitely one of the places in Plovdiv with biggest positivity and smiles. There’s happiness purring through every door at the district. Happiness that floods the pavement and you can fell it from the first time you set your foot in it. “Kapana” is full with workshops, stores, galleries, restaurants and bars, but there is also something that carries the essence of its spirit. Something that not everyone notices – its walls.

There is not a street that hasn’t been touched by someone’s art.  The walls between stores, the metal bars on some, even the electrical boards - everything is transformed from people who feel the spirit of “Kapana” and want to express it one way or another. You can see people and animals, flora and fauna, bizarre creatures or some painted cactus, who will try to prick you, but alas, unsuccessfully, because his life is on the switchboard, and the thorns are a part of the drawings in the neighborhood. There’s a man across him holding a bird that says cheers to the cat and mouse chasing around our favorite pub.

The graffiti art took care of “Kapana”. Its streets are not regular – they feel. Sensory and sunny, the enchanting location in the center of Plovdiv is distributed to people of all nationalities and invites them to return. Even Kokimotos cat is monitoring those who give promise for a next visit.

When you visit “Kapana” take a look at the eyes of the painted characters. Try to listen to what they are trying to say. Our story has no happy ending because it does not end. But it is happier than ever.

Photos: Stefka Georgieva

Most of Kapana 's graffiti  make life in the neighborhood more colorful thanks to Kapana Fest.