What excited Plovdiv residents and the guests of the city in the past year

Another year has passed in which our team worked tirelessly and was "getting lost" in the little streets of the city under the hills to find those hidden places that inspired us. And what did you, our readers look for, you can find out in the lines below in our ranking, which for the second consecutive year outlines all the hot topics in Plovdiv.

We start backwards with 5 similarities between Plovdiv and Rome, which, although written without any special pretensions, has become a broad subject for discussion. We don‘t know whether Plovdiv looks like Rome or the Italian capital of the European Capital of Culture 2019, but we are totally biased, and we believe that Plovdiv is in no way inferior to the atmosphere that Rome brings.

The ninth place is shared by two articles, which present the new places of 2017 and 5 new venues that opened in the very beginning of 2018. This is a subject we promise to continue soon as the expectation of the great tourist flow along the year of Plovdiv has become a motivation for opening a variety of businesses. How else would Plovdiv have four burger places in three small streets in the Kapana district?

Quite read were also our 7 reasons to stay in Plovdiv. We recognize that they were subjective, but they are real. Because each of us has made his conscious choice to stay here and work for his hometown, make it a nice place to live and visit, where not only we but visitors, feel at home.

It turned out that we love to travel outside the city and to "get away" at least for a weekend or a busy day. 3 places 30 minutes from Plovdiv is for all of you who want to enjoy some peace, greenery, and silence.

And when you are looking for a place to eat outside the city center, definitely check out Restaurants outside of the center, where we show you some restaurants that, although not so popular, definitely deserve our attention.

We reach the middle of the ranking with Where is the most delicious bread in Plovdiv because no one is bigger than bread. Where you can smell the scent from far away, and it takes us back to the childhood memories when we were standing in queues in front of the bakeries and we received it not wrapped in cellophane but hot and wrapped in paper.

The fourth place is for our joking comparison with Sofia. Whether Plovdiv and Sofia are like the Shire and Mordor is a matter that can be answered not only by the Lord of the Rings fans. The feud between the citizens of Plovdiv and Sofia isn’t from yesterday, but it is a fact that during the weekends, the citizens of Sofia often enjoy the bohemian atmosphere of the town on the seven hills.

The bronze medal is for an establishment that takes us directly to Italy. Osteria Rosmarino is often called the little Italy in Plovdiv, and it is probably not far from the truth. In Osteria Rosmarino, eating has become a whole ritual. When you put your soul and good feelings even in cooking, people feel it with every bite!

The honorable second place is for 8 stereotypes about Plovdiv, which are true, and maybe you will think of at least another eight. Whether the people of Plovdiv are aylak, or here are the most beautiful women, we invite everyone who doubts - to visit us and to "get lost" in the atmosphere of the oldest living city in Europe.

The gold medal goes to Colibri Pool, which turned out to be a real island for crazy parties in town. Fun and party all summer turned it into a favorite place to cool down and escape from the hot town of Plovdiv. Well, to date the place is closed for the winter season, but we look forward to the date of the next opening when they will surprise us again with nice music and a place for relaxation.

And which was your favorite article?